Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Within the IMPACT approach, there are six broad variables to implement and manipulate to prevent inappropriate behavior and promote positive, proactive behavior:

Interact positively with students
Monitor behavior
Prepare effective instruction
Arrange the environment
Correct effectively
Teach expectations (like a great coach!)

P   Prepare and Deliver Effective Instruction
Instruction begins with organized and focused lessons, established learning goals, review (pre-skills & knowledge), introducing new knowledge, practicing, developing strategies for monitoring progress and, application.

Effective Instruction is engaging

·      I do it, we do it, you do it
·      Connect with students during instruction
·      Provide ample opportunities to respond (OTR’s) throughout lessons (e.g., orally, written (response cards/slates) and/or through action (touch, act out, gestures, facial expressions, hand signals)
·      Choral, partner and individual responses
·      Teach and instruct among students as much as possible
·      Maximize student engagement (e.g., avoid down time, routinely start and end on time)
·      Gain collective attention of students at beginning and end of class
·      Teach with a “Perky Pace” (e.g., teach with enthusiasm and passion)
·      Monitor through walk around, look around and talk around
·      Feedback is immediate, specific and informative, focused on correct vs. incorrect, delivered with appropriate tone and ended with student giving correct response
·      How well you teach = how well they learn  -Anita Archer

Resources and References

Dr. Anita Archer www.ExplicitInstruction.org
Dr. Laura Riffel www.BehaviorDoctor.org
Dr. Randy Sprick www.SafeAndCivilSchools.com

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