Monday, June 11, 2012


Within the IMPACT approach, there are six broad variables to implement and manipulate to prevent inappropriate behavior and promote positive, proactive behavior:

Interact positively with students
Monitor behavior
Prepare effective instruction
Arrange the environment
Correct effectively
Teach expectations (like a great coach!)

M   Monitor Behavior and Actively Supervise   Move and Scan
·      Move around the classroom in a random and unpredictable pattern so students can’t predict where you will be. This will allow you to monitor student behavior more effectively
·      Use your eyes and ears to scan the area
·      Move and scan during instruction
·      Moving throughout the room allows you to deliver positive reinforcement to lots of students.
·      Deliver prompts and reminders and correct mistakes before they become a bigger problem
·      Move and scan during unstructured activities
·      Model respectful words and actions for your students

·      Occasionally collect behavioral data on my students (% of students following rules and procedures, # of time outs/referrals, engaged time on activities)

·      Being Positive (Connect with students my making it a point to me positive than corrective) 

·      You can move and scan anywhere in the school (playgrounds, cafeterias, hallways, etc.).  Communicate effectively with students and staff when needed.

Resources and References

Dr. Anita Archer
Dr. Laura Riffel
Dr. Randy Sprick

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